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Our Heritage

Charles Wilkinson and his family put their heart and soul into Wilkinson Homes, building each home with the same integrity as if it were being built for a member of their own family.

Wilkinson Homes was founded nearly three decades ago on a forward-thinking philosophy that continually searches for ways to improve...for new trends to set...for the latest state-of-the-art technology.  Excelling in the art of home building, Wilkinson Homes has also learned more than a thing or two about customer service.

Wilkinson Homes’ goal is to have every homebuyer receive an unparalleled level of customer service through a shared process and open communication. New home buyers extol this creative approach, affirming that this unique process makes them feel as though their home is the only home being built.

Charles Wilkinson’s multi-generational farming heritage instilled the virtues of honesty, hard work and respect for the land, values that make Wilkinson Homes what it is today.  Wilkinson Homes is a family owned and operated organization. Now in their third generation of community development and home building. Working closely with his children in leadership capacities (son, Scott and his two daughters, Elisa and Christine), Charles Wilkinson carefully forges ownership structures to maintain the firm’s hard earned reputation for excellence, and to support further corporate growth.


What make Wilkinson Homes Different?

Our strength is truly based on diversity. A broad base of experience, the support of a highly-trained team of creative professionals skilled in thinking outside the box, integration of the latest proven technologies, and a sharply-honed business agility has given Wilkinson Homes the edge during the market changes of the past few decades. Wilkinson Homes has developed, marketed and built a myriad of communities and has garnered a reputation for excellence in the process.

Wilkinson Homes is known for being a cut above and for being able to provide an excellent product in all price ranges and markets. And, perhaps most surprisingly, for being able to creatively and skillfully adapt to buyers’ specific desires and needs. This is often the challenge that other builders resist. Wilkinson Homes is not only willing to customize…we encourage it, and we make the process itself an enjoyable one...creating a total home buying experience.


The Wilkinson Homes Experience

Wilkinson Homes goes beyond merely delivering a beautifully finished product, they redefine the very essence of the home buying experience. Wilkinson structures model homes as “Idea Centers” and provides complete election/customization centers where buyers can receive assistance from on-staff design consultants as they choose the details that will set their home apart from the rest.

Wilkinson Homes provides an unparalleled level of service, support and communication that makes the process of buying a Wilkinson home one of ease, confidence and comfort. 

Wilkinson Homes has the strength and diversity to creatively meet today’s most challenging and innovative trends as well as the wisdom and experience to make the process a rewarding one for all involved. New home buyers extol this creative approach, affirming that this valuable process makes them feel as though their home is our highest priority.

Experience the quality that is integral to every Wilkinson Home. Discover why hundreds of satisfied homeowners recommend Wilkinson Homes to their family and friends.