5 Tips for a Successful Spring Cleaning

A family cleaning their Wilkinson home for spring.

March 11, 2022

Just like that, we’re quickly entering the much-needed season of spring—and what better way to celebrate than a traditional spring cleaning. The winter weather and holiday season often bring clutter and disarray into our homes, and most of us have had zero motivation to deep clean and tidy up. As the flowers start to bloom and the temperatures begin to rise, say goodbye to the winter blues by freshening up your home to prepare for the quickly approaching warmer seasons. At Wilkinson Homes, we’re here to help you get back into your warm weather groove by providing you with 5 tips for a successful spring cleaning. 

Make a schedule

With a job as big as spring cleaning, it’s important to have a plan before digging in. Scope out your home to see what exactly you’re working with—whether it be a month's worth of cleaning or a day—and plan from there. Map out your objectives for each room throughout your home and highlight the areas that need more attention. Choose a time frame for your cleaning adventures based around your schedule, even if it’s just for 30 minutes a few times a week. Although it may be tempting to jump right in without a plan, having a set schedule will help make sure everything on your spring cleaning list gets accomplished efficiently and successfully. 

Clear the clutter

One of the hardest things to conquer during yearly spring cleaning is clutter. Between the holiday season, constant chaos and lack of motivation—clutter can be a whole lot easier to gain than most realize. Regardless of how the mess got there, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of—which is why it’s an essential first step in spring cleaning. A systematic approach is one of the best ways to get rid of clutter, and the choice is yours when it comes to your personal preference in defeating disorganization. 

A good starting point is to identify problem areas of clutter within your home, and from there you can analyze the reasons for it. Is the clutter there for a specific reason, and is it necessary in any way? You may find yourself asking how it even got there in the first place, and from there you can come up with solutions for your clutter. Whether it be a yard sale, finding storage elsewhere, donating, or simply throwing things away—the most important part is implementing those solutions so you can move forward in your spring cleaning. To make things a little easier, take an hour each day to declutter before starting your cleaning process. 

Tackle one room at a time

Let’s face it—tackling spring cleaning in your home is a huge task to take on, and you’re going to need some structure and process to get it done efficiently. Add some method to the madness by breaking down your cleaning from room to room, and although it may not seem like a huge step—it makes an incredible difference. 

Instead of being scattered throughout the house, narrow down what needs to be done in each room and go from there. Cleaning one room at a time will increase organization and attention to detail, especially in those areas that get extra neglected during the colder months. Whether you start in the kitchen, the laundry room, or the guest bathroom—splitting up your cleaning tasks by each room will allow for a much more effective and successful spring cleaning. 

Get the family involved

A great way to quicken the process of spring cleaning is to make it a household endeavor. Assign chores for the whole family to complete throughout the house, and give the younger ones age-appropriate tasks to tackle. Whether it’s picking up toys or wiping off counters, there are multiple spring cleaning activities that the whole family can participate in. You’ll likely find yourself marking things off of your checklist much faster with more hands involved, and there’s no better time to start incorporating family chores than now. Take advantage of the opportunity by creating a family chore chart to hang on the fridge to help implement cleaning habits year round. 

Set the tone for spring

A much-needed spring cleaning will not only serve as a great icebreaker to get back into regular cleaning and organizing habits, but it could also inspire creativity. To take your seasonal deep clean to the next level, give your home a full refresh from top to bottom by incorporating spring colors and accessories. Integrate the season of spring into your home by adding some lightly colored curtains, a few plants and some textured throw pillows to make it feel extra fresh and clean. 

At Wilkinson Homes, we’re here to make your spring cleaning process easier with our dedication to serve our clients and our homes. No matter the season, we know you’ll always love your home when it’s from Wilkinson. Give us a call at (610) 274-8283 or fill out our online form today for any inquiries or information. 

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