6 Best Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Spring Season

April 17, 2020

As the spring season rolls around, most people are prone to invest their time and attention to renovating the landscaping of their yards, gardens, and patios. The ambition is admirable nonetheless, but it goes without saying that the spring season is an optimal time in the year to crack open the windows, get rid of clutter, and treat your home interior with a spring makeover as well. There’s no feeling lovelier than a home that complements the weather outside, so we’ve provided some tips that are guaranteed to help you achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere!

1) Throw In a Bright New Rug
Like the crisp green grass and the blooming flowers outside, the change in seasons calls for something bright underfoot. If you want your home to pop with color, even in a subtle way, then a floor rug is the perfect tool to achieve this effect. It is best to look into rugs that take up the majority of the floor space in your living room so that all of your furniture is included to lie on top of the rug. Some popular colors for rugs include hues of blue, lavender, and light red.

2) Play With Leafy and Long Plants
Adding a touch of vegetation is an obvious way of making your home feel just as breezy as the outdoors. Pots and plants have the ability to bring life into space and make it feel like the kind of welcoming place you want to spend on a free afternoon. Additionally, having flowers and plants align the more bare areas of your home can emit a sense of freedom—no one wants to feel tight and tense in their own home. You don’t have to go overboard with the leafy greens, but adding some here and there is ideal.

3) Replace Your Curtains
Curtains are made to be regularly switched out. If you’re looking for a way to freshen up any room in your house, then now is the time to find a new set! Swapping out curtains can make a major aesthetic impact within the space of your home, depending on the color, style, and texture you’re going for. Not only can new curtains beautify your home but it can also add more life. Drapes are prone to collect dust, residue, and look dreary after a while. By adding bright and fresh curtains, your home can blend right in with the spring season.

4) Stock Up on Fancy Serving Ware
If years of hosting dinner parties and special events have resulted in chipped plates or out-of-date serving ware, then the spring season presents the perfect opportunity to take up a chic upgrade. For example, if you want to throw a pink pastel party, you can incorporate soft-pink transparent champagne glasses and matching dessert plates to achieve an elegant look. Don’t hesitate to throw around some freshly-cut flowers and glass coasters to add to your beautified table set.

5) Add Light to Your Entryway
If you feel that your entryway is lacking natural light or overhead light, you can illuminate it with the help of a statement lamp. This is the first space your guests see when they enter, therefore light is essential when setting the tone for the rest of your home. You can add two matching lamps on the ends of a desk or drawer that lies in the doorway of your home to illuminate the room at any time of the day! You can also place a lamp adjacent to the doorway. This way, your guests will be greeted automatically into a comfortable, well-lit room.

6) Add Color to a Bare Wall or Room
If you’ve had a room that feels too plain and overbearing with white walls, you can take the plunge by accenting a wall this spring. This season is all about popping with color, in subtle and overstated ways, and you want your home to do exactly the same! For example, if you have a loft that needs more character, then an accented wall is optimal for creating a focal point for the rest of the furnishings.

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