Why Custom Homes? Benefits and Tips For New Homebuyers

February 17, 2020

Almost nothing beats the joy of stepping into the home after a long day. For most people, most of their time will be spent in the comfort of their home, where memories sprout and comfort abounds. Where your family will dream, your children will grow, and you can unwind and be yourself.

At Wilkinson Homes, we specialize in creating homes that are incubators of safety, inspiration, and dreams. We absolutely love custom homes but find that most people don’t consider custom homes when looking for that first purchase. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits and a few good tips for homebuyers looking for custom homes.

Custom Homes, Custom Life: Why Go Custom?

These days, just about everything can be customized and tailor-made. Custom engravings for phones and tablets, personalized jewelry, cars and trucks with the perfect trim. But with most people’s biggest investment, there’s still a reluctance to customize by most builders. Your home is likely where you’ll spend most of your time—you’ll spend a third of the day asleep there alone! Why not get the exact home you want, not just close enough?

Control Over the Design Process
The most obvious benefit of custom homes is simply the control you are afforded when you work with a custom home builder. Conventional homes are built based on what the average family in the area would want, as opposed to what your family would want. As a result, neighborhoods are built using the same few, boring homes.

At Wilkinson Homes, we believe that your investment should be tailored to what you need. We have a number of customizable floorplans that you can choose from, and a team of architects and designers ready to help make your dream come to life.

Long-term Support
It’s no secret that homes are a lot of work to maintain and care for. Over the years, the problems and repairs can add up, leading to thousands of extra money spent. When you build a new home, there’s much more support from the builder compared to when you buy a resale.

Every Wilkinson Homes customer gets access to staff who know every detail about their home and can help navigate decisions throughout the lifespan of the home. We cherish each home we build like it’s our own and back it up with our limited warranty.

Energy Savings
Homes built in the past and homes built by conventional home builders are often not very energy efficient. Factors like insulation, air barriers, HVAC systems, and more are designed to meet basic building codes, which in the past were extremely laidback. This leads to higher-than-necessary energy bills and a larger carbon footprint.

Custom home builders, in contrast, make the most of each aspect of the home and usually use higher-quality equipment and techniques. These homes are built with an attention to detail that minimizes the energy you use every day. If you want to further increase the performance of your home, look no further than a custom builder, like us, that can further improve the energy efficiency of your future home by using top of the line products of your choice. Not only will you be helping your wallet, but the environment will thank you, too.

Low Maintenance
One of the worst aspects of buying an old, used home is maintenance costs. Once you move in, you may have to spend thousands more on fixing everything from the walls to appliances and electrical elements. Purchasing a custom home means buying a brand-new home, which benefits from all new materials and equipment that are built into the home using the latest techniques.

When you purchase a Wilkinson Home, every component of the home will be thoughtfully constructed, from the foundation to the last coat of paint. All so you can just relax and enjoy your brand-new home.

Last, but not least, is the control over your privacy you can have. Custom home builders build your home where you want it, so you can pick the lot that best suits you. Conventional homes simply don’t have that option—you live where the home builder decided to build it. Our team will work with you to find the perfect spot for you to plant your roots and enjoy life.

Important Considerations When Researching Custom Homes

Whether your new home is custom or part of a conventional neighborhood, you’ll need to ask yourself (and the home builder) a few questions before you make the final decision.

Family, Work, and Life
Before you make a decision, it helps to chart how you believe your life and your family’s life will pan out in the following years. Will it just be you and a spouse, or would you like your family to look like the Brady Bunch? If you plan on having a big family, it helps to have a rough plan for each room in the house you’re looking at.

Perhaps as important is how work will affect your home life. Do you have a regular commute, or do you work from home? Having a long commute isn’t ideal, so consider how you can incorporate a home office or study into your home’s design. Thinking about schools, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, and other necessities can also help cement your decision.

Purchase Price
Considering your budget is absolutely essential to successfully own a home. Over the decades, our team has met with countless home buyers who weren’t aware of how much they could actually afford.

If you’re not sure if you have enough saved for a new home, Wilkinson Homes has an in-house financing team that can walk you through the expenses of homeownership to make sure you’re ready to make the big step towards your future.

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