Buy new and avoid bidding wars

April 27, 2021

Buying a new home should be an exciting process. It gives you the opportunity to find a space that reflects your current needs and start to make a plan for the years ahead.

One big barrier to that is the stress that comes from competition in a hot market like the one we are experiencing right now. Wilkinson Homes can keep the process simple and help you find a new home on your terms.

Why are bidding wars so common?
Low supply creates high demand and markets across the country are running low on homes. This phenomenon has hit the resale markets the hardest with Redfin finding that 64 percent of home purchases entered bidding wars in March. It was the 11th consecutive month with a bidding rate over 50 percent. Redfin also noted that 46 percent of homes are selling within one week on the market, which is up from 30 percent a year ago.

How do you avoid bidding wars?
One way to avoid bidding wars -- as well as the extra stress and financial strain -- is to buy a new home directly from a builder like Wilkinson Homes. This option gives you the first selection of new homes and often involves the ability to personalize the space with design selections as well depending on where you land in the homebuilding process.

If you choose to buy new, you can search in established communities and find an available floor plan to build that fits your needs. This is a good way to have control over your location and the specific features you want without having to wade through hundreds of existing home listings.  

Sometimes, builders will also offer quick-delivery homes or “Quick Settlement” homes that are already in production. This allows you to move on a faster timeline while still enjoying some of the personalization opportunities of a new build.

Why buy a new custom home?
When you choose to build with Wilkinson Homes, you can dictate your own design from classic to modern, and high-end luxury homes to affordable townhomes or ranches. Each is loaded with energy-efficient features that save money over the life of the home and conserve electricity now. Building a new home also allows for customization in the process. This includes a few different meetings to help capture your vision and start choosing the right flooring, paint, light fixtures and more.

Do I still use a real estate agent?
That is completely up to you! Wilkinson Homes welcomes buyers with or without a realtor. Either way, our sales team has more than three decades of experience helping buyers in Delaware and Landenberg and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania.

When you are ready to start building your dream home, call or text 302-438-8435 or fill out this form or contact us.

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