Modern Farmhouse and Craftsman Style

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June 29, 2021

Whether you are watching a home renovation show, flipping through a design magazine or walking through a home decor store, the modern farmhouse style is everywhere. It is unique in the way it seeks to combine classic country with contemporary convenience then packages it in a crisp, clean aesthetic with enviable curb appeal.

Below, we will explore a few of the signature features that define the modern farmhouse and craftsman style and explain how Wilkinson Homes can help you build your own new home in Delaware or Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Inviting exteriors

The first thing you will notice about the modern farmhouse style is its distinct exterior. Homes are traditionally white with a black or grey gable roof and simple trim. This creates a cohesive look and feel in Wilkinson Homes’ communities along the coast and further inland. This style is available in single-family homes and beach homes throughout the region. Homes are also available in several other elevations from Federal to Traditional, Manor, Craftsman and Country.

Modern farmhouse plans are often arranged in a rectangular shape as a ranch or two-story design. Many of these homes will also feature large, covered porches with columns providing support. Ample, symmetrical windows are another signature feature allowing natural light to flood into the home.

Open floor plans

Once inside, homeowners enjoy spacious open floor plans designed with modern families in mind. This is the main differentiator from a more classic farmhouse style that tends to be more rustic. Instead, a modern farmhouse takes the cozy, comfortable elements and adds the simplicity of more recent trends.

Practicality is a top priority in this design with a spacious central living space that combines the kitchen, dining area and living room. This makes it easy to connect with family members or entertain guests before retreating to split bedrooms around the edges or on the second floor.

Quaint details

Another telling sign of modern farmhouse design is the use of contemporary finishes like untreated wood or exposed brickwork that adds warmth to the home. These are often paired with softer materials like rich wool and linens that add texture to the neutral backdrop.

Building with Wilkinson Homes

In three decades of building, Wilkinson Homes has experience building semi-custom homes in a number of design styles and elevations including modern farmhouses. These homes are constructed with today’s best materials, energy-efficient features and contemporary home design.

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