Preparing Your Home For Winter

October 13, 2020

With winter coming right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your home inside and outside. With our cold weather, you can do a few things to ensure that your home won’t have any issues during that snowfall.  So, get ready to fix up that exterior and touch up that interior for the best winter yet.

Please, Don’t Freeze

Since we’re already rolling through October, check out your thermostat if you haven’t done so already. Scheduling a check-up on your heater can save a lot of hassle and stress in the coming months. Many people think since it worked last year, it should be fine this year, right? Well, that may be true. Although most heating systems could last over a decade, getting them routinely checked guarantees a successful transition and longer lifespan. Most HVAC companies have an annual maintenance plan that you can sign up for to ensure you’re set every year.

Don’t Let Santa Break Your Roof

As the fall season begins to blow away, our trees don’t care where the leaves go. Check out your roof for any trash and debris that may have gotten caught up there. If left unchecked, then moisture and rot can build up and break down your roofing material. A light broom or soft brush can easily take care of this task without brushing off the granite on your roof.

Gutters And Drainage

While you’re up there, check out your gutters and drainage to make sure they’re clear from any debris and trash. These could get caught up and freeze during the winter months. If that happens, then the weight could cause your gutters to pull away and possibly break off the anchors, securing them to your home.

You can also check out your roof for any damages to get taken care of now. Look for any cracked or missing shingles or missing flashing along and around your chimney. After your roof has checked out, it’s the best time to make sure it’s insulated if you have an attic. Making sure the attic has proper insulation and ventilation will prevent mold and rot along your roof’s support.

Stay Warm, But Not Too Warm

Studies show that most house fires occur during the winter months. Everyone blasts their furnaces and light up their fireplaces. Since your home will probably be closed up to keep the cold out and warm in, carbon monoxide can become a factor. Make sure that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors have new batteries. If you do get your heater checked out by a professional HVAC company, then it’s most likely they’ll take a look at your furnace to make sure it’s set as well.

Enter Winter

Once the snow really starts to fall, you want to keep track of a few things. Any exposed water pipes can freeze or even burst at some point if not properly maintained. If you have proper insulation and heating in your home, then this probably won’t happen. However, knowing the location of these pipes will save you from panicking too much if it happens. If a pipe does freeze and has not burst, then thawing it with warm towels or a space heater can easily take care of it. However, if the pipe has burst, then immediately shut off the water and call to get it fixed.

Don’t Slip Or Skid

Your driveway maintenance is similar to your roof but much more manageable. Clear off any debris lying around before the snow hits. This goes for oil stains and anything else on the driveway. You’ll notice any cracks or dips in your driveway to stay aware of as the ground gets colder. Ice can build-up and become a hazard over these open or dipped areas. By getting your driveway sealed every two to five years to prevent decay.

Make sure that your pathways and entrances stay clear as snow settles. Staying aware of ice building up will stop anyone from accidentally slipping. Using rock slat on your driveway can help prevent any slips. Placing some salt before the snowfall is ideal, or else you’ll have to use a de-icer in the long run. However, rock salt can also damage concrete, so stay cautious about where you spread it all.

Wilkinson Homes Has You Prepared For Winter

Wilkinson Homes has lavish and luxurious homes ready for you in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Both locations have about 11-22 inches of snow per year. With our winters, it’s always best to know what to do just in case of an emergency. As our residents stay longer and longer in our homes, you’ll easily stay on top of the light maintenance the comes with homeownership. To start your dream custom home, contact our offices today.

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