Model Home vs. Custom Home: Which is Best for You?

December 11, 2020

Home hunting is an exciting experience, especially if it’s your first time. When you choose a home builder, such as Wilkinson Homes, there are various homes to consider, including custom and model homes. It can get hard to determine which would best suit your needs, especially when you’re new to this. It is essential to understand what each has to offer so that you can make your decision comfortably. The professionals at Wilkinson Homes are eager to help. We made it easy to look over the features and exclusivity of both custom and model homes.

What Custom Homes Have to Offer


One of the main benefits of choosing a custom home is that you are more involved from start to finish during construction as one would be with a regular home. Witnessing the design and selection of materials for your home teaches you a lot about how a home is made. You can really gain a sense of comfort when you know what your money’s worth is going into. Anything that you might not be okay with, you can immediately inform builders. That way, they can fix any problems before they go deeper into construction.


If you want to spend the rest of your life in the next home you invest in - a custom home is an optimal choice. When you choose a custom home, it makes your choice feel more concrete and personal. Homeowners tend to confide more and take more pride in their homes when it meets their every need. With that being said, a custom home is best for those who want to settle in and no longer plan to move into any other homes. A custom home requires plenty of time to be completed. Thankfully, you can rest assured that it will have every asset you’ve been looking for.


If you have chosen a custom home, this most likely means that you have planned out the layout of the furniture and most of the home essentials you plan on buying. For example, if you plan on buying a pull-out couch, a love seat, a coffee table, and a TV stand all for your living room, this means that you are comfortable doing as you are confident that your living room will provide you the necessary space and layout. A custom home allows you to choose the furniture and home essentials you’ve always wanted because of the plans you set for the home. When you choose a regular home, you have to be more considerate of limited space and other features.

What Model Homes Have to Offer


The main advantage of a model home is the time it takes for them to be handed over to you. Home buying is an extremely intricate process, which means that many steps have to be taken before they can hand over the keys. When you buy a home from scratch, that means the floor plan must be approved, which is likely it will, but it will definitely take some more time. When you build off a model home, the floor plans are already pre-approved, and the builders have built it before, meaning it will take less time. If you’re in a rush to buy a new home, a model home is a viable option.


Professional architects design model homes and they are also furnished by those who have been working in interior design for years. With that being said, model homes are designed to appeal to almost everyone who walks in them and gets a look for themselves. Think about it. It’s very rare for someone to walk into a model home and be unsatisfied with what they just saw. People like to tour model homes for a reason. Model homes are extremely vetted, and they are successful in appealing to the widest variety of people possible. Where all your furniture is placed will make ado and living in these already furnished places will be comfortable, no doubt.

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