Mistakes to Avoid During the Custom-Home Building Process

February 19, 2021

Custom-building your own home can be an exciting journey. All your wildest dreams, from the kitchen appliances to the master bedroom, can come to life when you choose to custom-build your home! As much as you might be looking forward to the process, it is important to keep in mind that plenty can be wrong in between if you aren’t careful enough. Those contracts you scroll to the bottom to sign can catch up to you. To make sure your requests are fully met in the end, we discuss some mistakes to avoid during the construction of your home.

Choosing a Builder Solely on Price

We understand the temptation when it comes to choosing the cheapest options out there, but sometimes, lower prices can compromise your plans. If you’re looking for reasonable prices, you should take some time to research homebuilders, what they offer, and what they guarantee. Although the more reliable homebuilders may tend to call for higher prices, this ensures your plan and what you put your money down for.

Not Sorting Through Contracts

You should sort and read through plenty of important information before signing a contract and handing it over to the homebuilder. Agreements usually touch on project details, the estimated timeline, cost estimates, and more. You should be able to take the time to sort through these documents to understand what you are signing up for before completely agreeing.

Underprepared for Timelines

Building a home, naturally, requires a lot of time. It might take even more time if you have a custom home in the works. You must understand this and consult with your home builder to know precisely when your home will be ready. If you don’t have anywhere to stay and your home is still under construction, the homebuilders won’t be able to provide anything. Familiarize yourself with the estimated time in addition to costs.

Considering Location Over Price

One major mistake that new homeowners make is looking at the location over price. The location you choose will determine how far you are driving from work or school. The area might not be child-friendly. You want to look for a great lot in a great location where problems won’t arise for you. Even better, choosing a good location can automatically increase the home value, should you ever want to rent out your home or sell it.

Not Looking Into the HVAC System

Taking a quick scan into the HVAC system of your soon-to-be home can avoid plenty of problems in the future. We know that the HVAC system isn’t the most exciting thing in a new home, but without a good and properly-functioning unit, you could be facing issues such as moisture buildup, where mold and mildew thrive. This could even impact your family’s health. Pay attention to the sealing and alignment to see how well these systems work.

Overlooking Space Planning

Unless your home is rather large in size, you have to consider space and how much of it you will need when customizing your home. Will the numerous bedrooms in your custom home be able to fit the furniture you have? Is that overly large closet space perfect, or could you use that space to extend the master bedroom? Think about what you need and what would serve you best when you start living in this home.

Choosing Under-Utilized Rooms

You want to make sure that all your rooms in your custom home will be put to use. If not, it’s just space wasted, as we previously mentioned. Having a playroom or wet bar in your home sounds cool when homebuilders talk about it with you, but you have to really think about whether you will be using these rooms or not. An unused room too often becomes a space for storage, creating an unappealing effect—which no one wants.

Allowing Someone Else to Make the Decisions for You

The last and most important mistake to avoid and keep in mind is never to let anyone else make decisions, especially decisions you might not be happy with in the end. Sometimes, homebuilders might do this to make a little extra cash. Never let anyone convince you to do something you might not be completely sure or comfortable with. Always make the decisions yourself!

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