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February 27, 2024

As a leading homebuilder in the great state of Delaware and Chester County, PA, Wilkinson Homes understands that timing is everything when you’re making the exciting decision to purchase a new home. As the seasons change throughout the year, so do the market trends, and the present brings with it an exciting opportunity—buying your dream home before the spring rush. With sought-after communities and gorgeous new homes in Dover, Felton and Newark, we're here to guide you through the ins and outs of investing in a new home before the market heats up. Whether you're eyeing a quick-move-in option or ready to embark on a custom home journey, read below to explore why now is the perfect time to make your move.

The spring rush—what you need to know

Spring is synonymous with renewal and growth, and for many, it's the ideal time to embark on new beginnings—including purchasing a new home. As the weather warms up and daylight lengthens in Delaware and Pennsylvania, potential buyers come out of winter hibernation, eager to explore their new home options. Additionally, families often prefer to move during the spring and summer months to avoid disrupting the school year—naturally leading to increased competition and limited availability in the housing market. This doesn’t mean that finding your dream home in the spring is impossible, however, it’s best to get ahead of the rush while you can and work with a builder who can help you navigate the market with ease and expertise—which is exactly what our team at Wilkinson Homes is here for

Lower interest rates

Wilkinson Homes understands the uncertainties surrounding interest rates the past year, and an incredibly compelling reason to act swiftly in your new home journey is the reduced interest rates currently available. As we approach the bustling spring selling season, interest rates have declined from their peaks, presenting an opportune moment for prospective buyers to secure a favorable mortgage. By making your move before the spring rush, you can capitalize on these lower rates—potentially saving thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

Furthermore, with Wilkinson Homes, you can take advantage of a float-down clause, providing added flexibility and peace of mind. This clause allows qualified buyers to lock in their interest rate early in the process, with the option to adjust to a lower rate if market conditions improve before closing. It's a valuable feature that ensures you get the lowest possible rate—even as you navigate the uncertainties of the housing market. By making your move now to our new homes in Delaware, you can focus on the excitement of moving into your new Wilkinson home.

Enjoy the endless possibilities

Whether you're drawn to the convenience of a quick move-in home or the personalized touch of a custom build, there are numerous benefits to starting your journey ahead of the spring rush with Wilkinson Homes today. By acting now, you can ensure that you secure your preferred location within our sought-after communities and choose from a wide range of available floor plans and design options without feeling any pressure due to fierce competition. Skip the bidding wars and competitive market conditions by taking advantage of the present and choosing a trusted, seasoned homebuilder like Wilkinson Homes. 

For those seeking immediate occupancy, our quick-move-in homes in Delaware offer the perfect solution, allowing you to bypass the construction process and settle into your new abode sooner rather than later. With a variety of floor plans available throughout our desirable communities, you can find the perfect home that suits your lifestyle and preferences. On the other hand, if you crave the opportunity to tailor every aspect of your home to your exact specifications, our custom building process in Delaware and Pennsylvania is second to none. From selecting the perfect lot to collaborating with our experienced team of architects and designers, you'll be able to tailor every detail of your home to fit your lifestyle and taste. By starting the process now, you can ensure that you have ample time to explore your options and make informed decisions, allowing you to fully take in every moment of your new home journey with the best team of builders in Delaware.

Buy now with Wilkinson Homes

At Wilkinson Homes, we understand the significance of finding the perfect place to call home at the right time—and if you’re thinking of making your move soon, it’s best to act now and embrace the benefits of beating the competition. With the spring rush on the horizon, there's no better time to make your move and secure your slice of paradise in one of our esteemed communities in Dover, Felton and Camden, DE or our custom home opportunities in Chester County, PA. Whether you opt for one of our gorgeous quick move-in homes or embark on a custom build, our team is here to support you every step of the way. Don't let the opportunity for a stunning, top-quality new home in Delaware slip away—contact us today at 302-275-1567 or fill out our online form to begin your journey toward homeownership with Wilkinson Homes.

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