Embracing the Golden Years: Why Delaware is a Prime Retirement Destination

A couple enjoying their golden years in their Wilkinson home.

January 25, 2024

Welcome to the world of retirement—a chapter in life where every moment is meant to be cherished and relaxation takes center stage. At Wilkinson Homes, we understand the importance of finding the perfect haven for your golden years, from the nearby amenities to the quality of life and everything in between. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as the place you choose to call home during your retirement will shape the experiences you value for a lifetime—and you can find it all in the great state of Delaware throughout our exceptional 55+ new home communities.

According to a recent CNBC article, Delaware has secured its spot just behind Iowa as the best state to retire in throughout the entire country, and as trusted homebuilders in this charming state, our team is here to help guide you. Join us as we explore the reasons why the First State is an ideal choice for those seeking a retirement filled with comfort, serenity and endless opportunities.

Affordability and well-being

In the pursuit of an ideal retirement location, affordability and well-being take center stage. DDelaware shines in these aspects, offering a cost of living that won't break the bank and a community-centric atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging. Plus, Delaware is well-known as the home of low real estate taxes and tax-free shopping. Wilkinson Homes is proud to contribute to this by providing top-notch, thoughtfully designed new homes in Delaware that are a perfect fit for those looking to live their golden years in tranquility.

Our Briarcreek North community in Newark and Noble's Pond community in Dover, specifically designed for those aged 55 and up, epitomize the essence of active adult living. These communities are not just neighborhoods—they are vibrant hubs where residents form lifelong connections and indulge in a lifestyle that promotes well-being and fulfillment.

Outdoor opportunities

One of the main reasons the state of Delaware is so attractive to retirees is its abundance of outdoor activities. This state is home to an array of parks, hiking trails, beaches and golf courses, providing plenty of opportunities for exercise and outdoor living. With a moderate climate that is perfect for those seeking a balanced seasonal experience, spend warm summer days walking the pristine beaches along Pickering Beach or Bowers Beach in Dover—and bundle up in the winter to explore the gorgeous trails and paths in Rittenhouse Park or Old Paper Mill Road Park in Newark. 

On top of the natural beauty around Delaware, Wilkinson Homes’ 55+ new home options in Briarcreek North and Noble's Pond offer an abundance of outdoor activities and beautiful scenery—right outside your front door. Retirees can enjoy lush landscapes, open green spaces, wide sidewalks and more without having to leave the neighborhood. Whether you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or start exploring nature in the years after retirement—look no further than Noble’s Pond in Dover, DE or Briarcreek North in Newark, DE. 

Endless entertainment

Delaware is also home to many farmers markets, wineries and breweries, as well as cultural destinations such as concerts, theaters and festivals. The time after retirement should be dedicated to doing the things you love most, and this state offers up an array of new hobbies and activities to explore. Whether you’re spending time appreciating the University Delaware Museums or Biggs Museum of Art, shopping around at the Dover or Christiana Mall, arranging weekly dinners with friends at Taverna Newark, or taking off to your next travel destination from one of the nearby airports—you’ll never run out of things to do, see or explore when calling Delaware home. 

In both Newark and Dover, you’ll also find a strong sense of community, and many retirees find these areas to be fantastic places to make new friends—especially in a close-knit neighborhood like Briarcreek North or Noble's Pond

Incredible healthcare 

Healthcare is a crucial consideration for retirees, and Delaware stands out with its quality healthcare facilities and reasonable costs—ranking first for hospital quality and sixth for healthcare quality in the entire nation. The state is home to reputable medical institutions, ensuring that residents have access to top-notch healthcare services. Wilkinson Homes prioritizes the well-being of our residents in Briarcreek North and Noble’s Pond—selecting locations that provide proximity to quality healthcare facilities. 

Embrace the best of retired living with Wilkinson Homes

From entertainment to affordability to well-being, Delaware emerges as a shining star in the realm of retirement destinations—and Wilkinson Homes is proud to be a part of this journey. With communities like Briarcreek North and Noble's Pond, we offer not just quality new houses—but functional, remarkable homes where retirees can savor every moment. The CNBC ranking only solidifies what we've known all along—Delaware is undoubtedly one of the best states to retire in, especially with a Wilkinson home.

As you embark on this exciting chapter, let Wilkinson Homes guide you to the perfect home in the perfect location. Discover the joy of retirement in Delaware in our Briarcreek North and Noble's Pond communities, where comfortable, relaxing living awaits. For more information about these 55+ new home communities in Delaware, reach out by giving us a call at  302-275-1567 or fill out our online form.

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